Hack Osaka2017 International Pitch Contest


We will hold a business plan contest for domestic and international entrepreneurs. About 10 people such as global innovators and accelerators will be judging in the contest and excellent contestants will receive luxurious prize.


The theme includes Degital Healthcakre,Teavel Tech,Smart City,Internet of things, Internet, mobile technology, software, digital contents, consumer electronics products (including PDA and robot) and services, and we welcome companies developing overall Internet/IT-related businesses at seed/early-stage level.

テーマはデジタルヘルス、トラベルテック、スマートシティで、対象はInternet of things、インターネット、モバイル、ソフトウエア、デジタルコンテンツ、コンシューマーエレクトニクス(PDA、ロボット含む)のプロダクト、サービスなどネット・IT全般のビジネスを展開しているシード、アーリーステージの企業を大募集。

Welcome to your challenge!






4:00pm-6:00pm, Thursday, February 9, 2017 (tentative)


This contest will be held as one of the part of “Global Innovation Conference Hack Osaka 2016”, therefore the timetable may change depending on the previous parts.



Degital Healthcakre,Teavel Tech,Smart City


【Targeted for participation/対象】

The theme includes Internet of things, Internet, mobile technology, software, digital contents, consumer electronics products (including PDA and robot) and services, and we welcome companies developing overall Internet/IT-related businesses at seed/early-stage level.

Internet of Things、インターネット、モバイル、ソフトウェア、デジタルコンテンツ、コンシューマーエレクトロニクス(PDA、ロボット含む)のプロダクト、サービスであること、デモンストレーション可能なプロダクト、サービスであること、未公開もしくは他イベントで受賞したことのないプロダクト、サービス歓迎します。

【Participation fee/参加費】

- Application, judgment, and transportation and accommodations are free of charge for one representative person.Transportation and accommodations for accompanying persons, and any other costs of participation in the event, are borne by each participant.

- 応募・審査・代表者1名の交通費、宿泊費に関しては無料。同行者の交通費、宿泊費、その他出場にあたっての実費は各自負担。


10 persons(名)


Mr. Allen Miner (Chairman & CEO, SunBridge Corporation),Some other judges will plan to attend.

アレン・マイナー氏(株式会社サンブリッジ 代表取締役会長兼CEO )その他数名を予定


– Language for speech and presentation document is English.

– Number of contestants (companies) is limited to 10. Number of presenter per company is one (executives, managers, and so on).

– Five minutes for each presentation.



1社5分のデモンストレーション <プレゼンテーションの審査方法>



About application/応募について


【Conditions for application/応募にあたって】

One representative per company (i.e. the presenter on site) is to apply for the contest. To accompany non-presenter, include their information (name and title) in presentation document.


Application period/応募期間】

From October 20, 2016 to November 30, 2016, 5 PM JST

2016年10月20日(木)から2016年11月30日(水) 午後5時 JST

Primary review will be done upon reception of presentation documents. Application will be closed upon reaching the limit number of contestant companies.


【Primary review procedures/事前審査のプロセス及び方法】

All the presentation documents for the contest should be made and submitted in Keynote ver.5 or Powerpoint format for a maximum of 10 pages (16:9) for primary review.

Moving image and supplement file for explanation of your product and service can be sent as well. We do not accept actual products. Submitted presentation documents will not be returned.

応募期間内に、当日のプレゼンテーション内容をKeynote Ver 5もしくはPowerpoint 10枚以内で作成して提出してください。画角は16対9に調整してください。

プロダクト、サービスの内容がわかる補足資料、動画を添付いただいても結構ですが、現物の送付はご遠慮ください。 (提出物は返却いたしません。)

Business experts will examine submitted presentation documents and select top ten contestants.

No inquiries and answers are available about review process.




Please click the Entry Application button to make an entry on the Peatix website.
Then, e-mail documents to the following e-mail address.




Please enter "Apply for the International Pitch Contest” as email subject.

*件名は "Apply for the International Pitch Contest”としてください。

【Notification to contestants/#審査結果の通知】


Contestants who passed the primary review will receive notification via email by Friday, December 25th, 2016.


Hack Osaka2017 Executive Committee Secretariat/Hack Osaka2017実行委員会事務局

TEL: +81-6-6359-3004 (Mon.-Fri. 10:00-18:00 *Except for public holidays and new-year-holidays)

TEL: 06-6359-3004 (月~金 10:00~18:30 ※祝日、年末年始除く)

Thu Feb 9, 2017
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM JST
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